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Eureka, CA

            Tensions are running high in 2020 as people are looking towards the November elections. Unfortunately tensions tend to break every now and then as people have picked their sides and some are less than pleased with who their friends, family, and even strangers choose to place their faith in. With the current feelings towards the current POTUS and the heated debates over his policies however many people have found reasons to lash out at Trump and his many supporters. Unfortunately for one local woman by the name of Marcy Jennault, the man she assaulted was fully aware of his rights to fight back and, without lethal force, he did put Marcy on her backside before she was arrested for assault and battery.

            “I dressed up like Donald Trump to show my support at local rally,” said Don Dimmerson, an avid Trump supporter, “It’s my given right and he’s done more for this country and has caused our economy to rise in a way that hasn’t happened in a while, so he has all of my support. Just because some crazy lady wants to jump on my back and call me a racist white son of a ***** doesn’t mean I can’t fight back and put her on her narrow butt.”

            Onlookers did corroborate the story to police officers that showed up after the fight was over. It was confirmed that Marcy did in fact jump on Don’s back while shouting that he was a racist, among many other things. Thankfully the fight didn’t escalate to the point that anyone might need an ambulance, though Marcy did suffer a bruised a tailbone and abrasions on her palms from the rough landing. As for Don, he simply returned to the rally, none the worse for wear.

@HattieAm tweeted:

            I’ve got no love for Trump man, but you don’t need to be jumping on a person’s back for no reason other than hating another human being.

@Jinnayyy tweeted:

            Leave that man alone, can’t you tell he’s already impaired?

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