33 Words that Rhyme with « joke »

Vancouver, WA

            It’s amusing that so many people these days, okay, liberals and Democrats, want to claim ‘woke’ status when their party has been the source of just as many problems in the past as conservatives have. This idea of being ‘woke’, of being evolved, more tuned-in to the world, and more tolerant than anyone, is an illusion that many of those that follow it have yet to see. Thankfully some have seen past the wool-covered derriere in front of them and have left the flock to find their own path, but many of them still ascribe to the call of the crazed and demented shepherds that demand their utter fealty and support as they lead them in the constantly zig-zagging pattern that forces them to cull the weak and the unsupportive from their own ranks as they turn on each other again and again, lashing out at allies as well as enemies in their blind quest to follow the ‘truth’.

            Unfortunately for them, ‘woke’ rhymes perfectly with ‘joke’, and the truth is that they have yet to see the punchline, or even fully understand the premise of the gag that’s been pulled on them. For many of us, leading a life that’s worth living means opening our eyes to the world as it is, not as we would have it, and following when we must while striking out on our own whenever possible. Those that follow and continue to follow while claiming ‘woke’ status tend to believe that they’ve entered a new, heightened version of living, but in truth have only traded their freedom for a piping, stammering, manipulative set of masters that will discard them after election time and ‘thank’ them in ways they can’t fully understand yet. Oh they’ll be ‘woke’ soon enough if they get their way, and likely as not once they’re woke, they’ll also realize that they’re the joke.

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