New data shows US hate crimes continued to rise in 2017

Vancouver, WA

            Many things appear to be upside down these days from a certain point of view. Just recently Harold Tibbens, Vancouver, Washington resident, was found to be not at fault for injuries incurred by Jeremy Gibbels, also of Vancouver. Harold and his wife Matilda are well-known conservatives in their neighborhood and are unafraid of speaking their mind and their views whenever challenged, as happened at a peaceful protest only a day before the break-in. Harold had this to say:

            “I recognized the young man that broke in through our window from the rally that was being protested and I reasoned he was one of the more violent ones of the bunch since he had to be escorted from the park where we were rallying for Trump by his own peers. I’m grateful our kids are grown and out of the house since otherwise Mr. Gibbels might not have made it out in one piece. What he did to our home and what he shouted at us while trying to frighten us though is worse than I’ve ever heard in my life. My wife and I have been called race traitors and I’ve been called an Uncle Tom before, but never as anyone dared call me the n-word to my face like he did.”

            Apart from shattering the Tibbens’ front window, Jeremy also spray-painted Nazi swastikas on the outside of their home and even threw sacks of excrement at the house, yelling that the color and the stink would mark the home and its residents for everyone to see.

            “I’m not sure why there’s so much hatred around at this time,” said Matilda Tibbens, “All I know is that this poor young man thought he was justified in what he was doing, and now he’s going to jail for a hate crime. I’ll pray that he gains understanding, but I’m not certain how much good it will do.”

@JailinTime tweeted:

            Who knew, the doo-doo, that you do…..What a punk.

@DippityDooDah tweeted:

            Old man Tibbens put it down for him. How many teeth did he leave behind?

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