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Portland, OR

            You’ve likely heard more than one person say ‘back in my day’ or ‘the way things used to be’ at one point in your life. Right? Well it’s a likelihood that many upon many people have been saying it as of late in Portland, Oregon, since things haven’t been the same in quite some time. Some might want to state that it’s been since 2016, but things have been building since before then, and the issues that are causing the city to resemble the drunk that falls asleep first at the party are only getting worse. Why is that? Is there a ‘back in the day’ remedy that might apply to this current circque du demence? That’s circus of madness for those that don’t parlez vous Francais, and it applies quite readily to the currently wilting Rose City since the stench of corruption and decay has been ongoing for some time.

            One question to wonder over at this time is: does Portland deserve saving? The answer is that of course it does, but the follow-up of course is why. Why save a city whose citizens are so intent on tearing it down? Well, that falls under the same reason why we support citizens that would apparently love to see this nation burn to the ground: it’s home. To those that happen to see the beauty and the joy still left within the city, what hasn’t been ripped, burned, torn, or squeezed from its decaying pores just yet, Portland is still a place with plenty of wonder and promise that’s in need of preserving. Keep in mind I said preserving, not saving. Portland will remain whether the people that exist here are still here in a few years or not.

            Even a wilting rose can be brought back to life, or wither completely and give rise to new life at a later date.

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