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Keep it safe.

“What the hell?” he muttered to himself, turning one way and then another. Jerry didn’t like things he couldn’t understand, to a point. Voices whispering in his head, that definitely qualified as beyond the point. He almost missed yet another oddity that was making his head spin thanks to the strange voice, but as he raised his right hand to run it through his hair he finally saw it.


The highly-detailed and strangely realistic tattoo that wound it’s way from around his right wrist had the appearance of a staff with a, was that a snake’s tail? Maybe it was a tentacle circling his wrist, he couldn’t be certain. But upon taking his coat off he saw that the strange tattoo wound its way up his arm until it finally terminated in a blazing crystal colored a deep black with white highlights all around it. How the hell had that happened?

A knock at his door startled Jerry as he instinctively pulled his shirt sleeve over the upper part of the tattoo and put his coat back on. He didn’t know why he’d done it, but at the moment he was going with the strange things that were happening, since there was a good chance that he was dreaming, maybe.

Gripping the knob with his left hand he opened the door a crack, and was rewarded with a very fit and very good-looking redhead with the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. Jerry opened the door a little wider, smiling in his most charming manner.

“Hi,” he started out, “Can I help you?”

“I was just making sure everything was okay down here,” the woman said, peering into his apartment, “I heard a shot and was worried.”

An alarm started ringing in the back of his mind as he stood in his doorway, but Jerry ignored it, thinking that a woman that stood nearly a head shorter than himself couldn’t be that big of a threat, especially when he could see both of her hands in plain sight.

“Hey,” she said, her eyes widening slightly, “Nice tattoo, can I see it?”

Jerry grinned, but again, that alarm started to sound in his head again. This time he decided to listen.

“I ah, I had an intruder in my place,” he said, keeping his arm behind him, “I was just about to call the cops.”

“Oh,” she replied, sounding a bit crestfallen for some reason, “Can I at least see your tattoo?”

Something odd was going on, but as he’d been doing for the last few minutes, he decided to go with it, no matter that he would probably hate himself in the next instant.

“No,” he said simply, closing the door in her face. “Keep it safe,” he breathed to himself, glancing down at his arm, “Okay then.”

The End

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