11 Best Things to Do in Long Beach, Washington

Long Beach, WA

            There are still places in this world where race is not the most important thing that matters to people. It’s possible to find a spot that exists outside of some unbelievable utopia where the ideals that everyone wants no longer bring conflict. It’s not perfect, but it’s a state of unity that doesn’t need to be, since it’s a location where people know how to be a community, a unit comprised of many free-thinking individuals. There are such locations, and they do come together in times of need, while remaining individualistic in their general approach to life.

            Unfortunately there are always people have nothing better to do than to find some reason to discover and push a conflict that might not have existed if not for their manic desire to stir up trouble. People are free to believe what they want, think what they want, and practice what they want so long as it doesn’t bring harm to others. This type of a community is made up of those that actively put into the bettering of their group, who seek to push their own agendas but will come together when the overall community is in need. They can dislike each other, they can disagree with each other, but such a community is still one that will work, because they don’t actively seek to harm each other for no reason.

            In many communities there are many colors, there are many races, and there are many ideals. But in this one, this community that is less and more than a utopia, there are people of all races, people of all colors, and people whose ideals do not mesh with one another. But what makes it better than a utopia is that they don’t get along, they quibble, they argue, and they still pull together when needed. This place is better because no matter how they treat each other, they come together when it’s needed. They know how to stand together, and that makes a community stronger than any utopia.

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