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“You’ve had your wishes,” the man told her, still smiling as he said it, “You’ve tried to be careful, and you failed, like all others. Now it’s time to finish it.”

“Yes,” she mumbled, the pain making even that minor utterance send a lance of agony down the left side of her jaw.

“One side will reset everything, and allow you to move on, with your life, while the other will rip it all away, from you, and everyone else. And you are responsible.”


The man’s smile widened, “Okay then, let’s get down to it.”

She flinched as he came closer, placing the coin upon her left hand, feeling its weight acutely. It felt as though she was trying to hold a manhole cover with one hand as she began to shake, crying uncontrollably as she held onto the edge of the coin.

“Oh don’t do that,” the man said, still smiling, “Everyone is sorry once things have reached a certain point. Some rail and rant, some cry, and some seek to blame anyone and everyone else in the world. And then some cry, because there’s nothing else they can do. So don’t do it.”

But it was too late. The dam had been shattered, and the tears were coming fast and furious as a runner of snot had leaked from her nose, running over her lips as she continued to sob.

“Flip the coin, or I will,” the man said with a smile, “And I assure you, that is not what you want.”

She could have kept crying, she could have yelled and screamed at him that this wasn’t fair, but it wouldn’t have done a bit of good. He wouldn’t let her go, that much was obvious, and she couldn’t fix what had been done, as her publicist had already told her. Life was fucked from here on out. So it was simply time to do what was left.

“Fine,” she sobbed, flicking the coin as it fell weakly from her fingers. She no longer cared what happened, she had flipped the coin, and she would be damned either way.

The harsh ring of metal upon the floor was louder than she’d expected, but the low whistle, followed by a harsh peal of laughter from the man, startled her as his words rang in her ears.

“Well, how about that.”

The End

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