How 'White Guilt' in the Age of Trump Shapes the Democratic Primary - The  New York Times

Vancouver, WA

            In what was essentially an unlicensed protest, a group of individuals came together to profess their white guilt to anyone and everyone that would listen, shouting for nearly an hour from the bandstand until a diverse crowd began to form. Their chant “We are white, we’re not right, we’ll shout our shame all day and night” confused a great many people that gathered to listen to them.

            “Okay, they’re white, but what are they ashamed of?” asked Monica Gellarm, a student at Clark College, “Are they pandering to us black folks? Because really they sound kind of foolish.”

            “Most if not all of the folks on the stage were probably straight arrows most of their lives,” said another bystander who asked to remain anonymous, “I’m betting that they think it’s trendy to pretend to white guilt or they’re just as gullible as anyone else that does this. Seriously folks, get over it and go back to your lives. Us black folks are doing just fine.”

            The ‘protest’ ended nearly two hours after it started when police were finally dispatched to the park after several Caucasian bystanders took the cue and joined in, calling out those that were asking them to stop by using vaguely racial epithets that further confused many people. While many of the protesters were convinced to disperse after it was determined that they did not have a permit, several decided to push their luck and stuck around, eventually ending up being arrested, not for the lack of a permit, but for getting violent with officers that were attempting to speak with them. When several of the protesters attempted to wrest tasers and even a gun from the officers the police took several people down while others were detained by concerned citizens.

            At this time several of the protesters are awaiting sentencing.

@LandslideDown tweeted:

            They’d have been just fine, annoying as hell, but just fine if they hadn’t been so stupid.

@Gettaway tweeted:

            Have white people lost their minds? Obviously not all of them have, but it’s alarming how many have.

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