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Newberg, OR

            It’s not often that a person will attempt to give up their home to another family unless it’s an inheritance or some other big deal that involves someone wanting to pass on a bit of their legacy. In this case however, Mary and Calvin Wiltt decided that it was a part of their duty as Caucasians to gift their home to a black family when they were apparently called upon to do so by a missive handed out by a member of Black Lives Matter. While the missive was more of a suggestion in the eyes of many people, the Wiltt’s took this as a sign that they were meant to do something monumental to appease society and their own sense of guilt.

            “We’ve been so blessed with so much that we figured we needed to give back,” Mary stated during an interview, “Our people, the whites, have taken so much from everyone else throughout the year that we feel the need to give something back. Unfortunately not everyone is as grateful as one might hope, but it’s not their fault, they’ve been conditioned to believe in a racist system where ‘pulling yourself up by the bootstraps’ is the way to go. That’s a horrendous saying. I mean what if the family doesn’t have boots, or straps to pull them up? That’s when we as white people need to realize our guilt and step aside to let those of color benefit from our willing sacrifice.”

            The family in question that the Wiltt’s were attempting to sign their home to, the Mussens, had this to say:

            “When did white folks start going this crazy? I didn’t have anything stolen from me, neither did my wife, neither did our kids. My parents worked for everything they had and so did my grandparents. We don’t take handouts. These folks wanted to sign over their house to us just because we’re living in an apartment, where we’re happy no less, to settle some made-up feelings of guilt that we’ve got nothing to do with. I’m proud to have told them hell no, so is my wife.”

@GetLoose tweeted:

            Damn right! White folks stop getting on your knees for others, those of you that aren’t racist and have worked your butts off, quit feeling guilty for stuff that’s not your concern!

@ListentotheWords tweeted:

            Crazy ass white folks. Unless you’re a racist trying to rouse the black folks just stop, you don’t owe anyone anything.

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