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Seattle, WA

            Birth control has been a discussion that many parents almost fear having with their children at times, though it is still preferred by many that parents be the ones to have such talks instead of children being taught such things in school at younger and younger ages. In some cases however it becomes more of a hassle than one might think, as in the case of Madeline Ramas, a 17-year old student that was currently told by her parents that her at-risk behavior had forced them to take drastic measures, even the talk of birth control appears to be considered hateful. Madeline has accused her parents of child abuse as well as a hate crime by attempting to place her on the pill following a pregnancy scare that turned out to be a false alarm after the teen revealed that she was in fact not pregnant. While it is not considered good parenting to force such an option upon a child, Maggie Ramas, Madeline’s mother, had this to say:

            “We don’t want to force this on our daughter, but her behavior is simply too risky at this time. She’s had intercourse, she claims, with several young men and has admitted that they don’t wear condoms at her request. We don’t really know where this behavior came from as we’ve been lenient and authoritative in turn when we’ve had to be, and Madeline has had everything she’s needed to thrive in many different ways. But we don’t believe that she’s responsible enough to take care of a child. We’ve also done the research on birth control and have decided this is the best way to go about it. Being accused of a hate crime by our own child though was something of a shock.”

            At this time the Ramas’ are considering taking their daughter to shelters that house single women and their children that are without aid, or asking for help from those that have been through one pregnancy or more and haven’t kept their babies. At this point the couple does not know what else to do with their daughter.

@TornUpDown tweeted:

            A hate crime? Girl, if you’re letting guys on you without protection you’re committing a hate crime on yourself, and for no damned reason.

@MoreThanI tweeted:

            Someone ground that girl until she starts thinking sensible, bars on the windows if needed.

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