Cities are sexist because skyscrapers look like penises, says Guardian in  unironic rehash of 1980s comedy — RT Op-ed

New York, NY

            While current events haven’t been heavily geared towards feminism, one columnist at a site called The Daily Rags has attempted to bring the attention fully back into view. Missy Paggett, a writer for The Daily Rags, recently published an article stating how skyscrapers are misogynist, detailing just how the upright structures are a work of male pride and the patriarchy that continues to dominate the USA. Many have already spoken out concerning this article, either arguing for or against it, though one writer at a small site known as The Gel stated:

            “While Ms. Paggett’s view of skyscrapers is in some ways accurate, as they do tend to be described using the words ‘base’ ‘shaft’ and ‘tip’, there is little to nothing misogynistic when it comes to their construction or their function, as the idea that a building can be constructed with the idea of patriarchy in mind is possible, but doesn’t typically fall under the “Things to Do” lists that are compiled by engineers and entire design teams, many of which are very welcoming to women these days as a woman’s perspective and input often goes into the creation of many a skyscraper in these modern times.”

            A good number of feminist-leaning supporters have joined in Missy’s one-woman crusade against skyscrapers, though many more have indicated that said buildings are practical in many cases, particularly in cities where buildings either need to consist of many levels or find a large tract of land upon which to sprawl. A female architect that has opted to remain anonymous had this to say:

            “Skyscrapers tend to utilize the space they’re given, otherwise a sprawl might be a little more reasonable and far safer. But in a city environment, where space to build comes at a high premium, building up is often cheaper than trying to buy out more land to build out.”

@GreenDays tweeted:

            So if all buildings were built low and squat to the ground it seems that just one building would take up a lot more land than it does by building up. That’s pretty simple, why didn’t she think of it?

@ComeInAround tweeted:

            If she’s thinking of phalluses every time she looks at a skyscraper she might have an issue only a psychiatrist or a date could help.

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