Louisville protests: NFAC leader explains accidental discharge

Seattle, WA

            Tensions are continuing to heat up as BLM rallies and counter-protesters continue to clash over their differing ideals amid the rising unrest within the nation. Only a few days ago however the news of three accidental shootings was almost covered up as BLM attempted to play off the incident as though nothing had happened. Upon believing that they’d suppressed any and all coverage, the BLM attempted to claim that the injuries were the result of hateful and misguided individuals that had fired upon otherwise peaceful and armed protesters that had ‘meant no harm’.

            “If they didn’t mean any harm they wouldn’t be waving those guns around,” said Jeanette Dolling, a Seattle resident, “I’m not ashamed to be black because of them, but I’ll proudly stand up and call them out for being the morons they are. And plus, their take on the shootings were so dead wrong that it’s amazing that any news outlet would want to believe the garbage they were spewing. You’ve got people out here with guns in hand that are edgy, some of them wouldn’t know where the safety was if they given a map and a day to find it, and on top of that, the situation isn’t going to get any better since they’re starting trouble every which way.”

            Many agree that the gunshot wounds that were suffered by several BLM members were self-inflicted or were the result of an accidental discharge that occurred. While the members involved have admitted to this it has greatly weakened their stance in the community they once sought to protest in, and people have become increasingly less tolerant of their presence in the days following the incident. While several members have continued to state that this news is a conspiracy meant to discredit them, video evidence has surfaced recently showing just what happened during this time.

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            Whoopsie daisy!

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            Yeah I think if people were actively shooting at them that their feet and shins wouldn’t be the first targets.

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