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Tacoma, WA

            Everyone makes mistakes now and then, but some mistakes tend to be a little costly when they’re made in a manner that people don’t fully appreciate. During a Zoom meeting with her peers to discuss the upcoming school year, Addie Yolub, a schoolteacher from Tacom, Washington, somehow mistook a pair of thong underwear for a mask and wore the garment while she was speaking to her fellow teachers and principal. When asked why she was wearing the ‘mask’ to start with, Addie made a good point that she had opted to take the meeting in a quiet corner of her local coffee shop as her apartment building was undergoing renovations. Unfortunately, two of her peers did not agree with the choice of protection she made.

            “Honestly, I grabbed the first thing I saw on top of the counter and had I known it was a pair of my underwear instead of my mask I would have stopped, but I was in a hurry to get to the coffee shop and wasn’t really watching. Honestly, I didn’t even notice until I put it over my face and my cheeks were exposed that I’d gotten the wrong thing, and by that point it was too late. If anyone was even bothering to care I’ve had more funny looks today than I care to count, so I’m not in a particularly good mood.”

            After her hurried explanation Addie’s peers and the principal let the matter drop for the time being, but it’s been revealed that the principal has asked to see Addie in private following this incident. While it’s likely her job won’t be on the line, it is possible that Addie will be asked to slow down and look at what she’s grabbing before leaving the house.

@ZappaDappa tweeted:

            Just tell me one thing. The thong was clean, right?

@DongDongDing tweeted:

            I wouldn’t look at her funny, I’d just wonder if it was a new trend.

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