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Cannon Beach, OR

            Many people do know what a rope dart is at least, though not a lot of people know how to manipulate one and make it look absolutely impressive. Milo Larinitis is one such individual, as he took up martial arts at the young age of 7 and has been proficient in several styles since he was in his late teens. At the age of 32 the Milo, who is a black American, decided to take a trip to Cannon Beach without telling anyone in his family so that he could find a quiet spot to practice with one of his favorite implements, the rope dart.

            The weapon is quite simply a metal dart affixed to a long rope by a swivel and is manipulated by tossing it out and then pulling it back. Skilled rope dartists can wrap the rope around their arms, legs, and perform tricks that can mesmerize anyone watching. Unfortunately, Milo didn’t watch where he’d ended up during one particular trick known as a neck wrap, and ended up launching the dart over a tree limb. As the dart’s momentum took it sailing over the limb three times the rope grew taut and Milo found himself dangling suddenly as his feet left the ground.

            “All I knew was that the lights went out and I heard what I thought was a crack. My first thought was that I broke my neck, but that didn’t make sense considering that I came to just a few moments later. It was scary though, especially when the people who found me started drilling me with questions.”

            The couple that found him dangling only few moments later, Karen and Chad Worthing, were appalled at what they found and shortly after managing to bring the unconscious Milo down, started asking who had done such a thing to him, could he remember who’d strung him up, and so on. It took a while, but Milo was firm in stating that he hadn’t been hung and that he’d made a mistake. While he parted ways with the Worthing’s he’s now suing them over a video that was taken by Karen as they approached Milo, who was still dangling at the time, describing the ‘horror’ and the ‘lynching’ that had taken place. At this time Milo is seeking a hefty settlement for emotional damages caused by the video.

@Jibble434 tweeted:

            So a black man tells you that he wasn’t being lynched and you don’t believe him? Ye gods this world is backwards.

@HabbaDah tweeted:

            I would ask what a black man is doing with a rope dart, but that might seem suspect.

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