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San Diego, CA

            At this time many are starting to wonder what any protest has to do with Black Lives Matter or George Floyd as the point appears to have been lost. When the protests first started not too long ago it was obvious that the black community within America was seeking justice for those that were murdered without cause, as was just and expected. Yet now, with the defacing and the literal defecation found on and around so many statues within the city of San Diego, people are finally starting to question the use of said protests when they no longer appear to have a point.

            “No one is really sure what to make of this now,” said one citizen, “What does taking a dump on the statues in the city have to do with anything? I mean there might be a metaphor there, but no one’s offering any explanation and Black Lives Matter is just laughing about it without telling anyone what’s going on. I never thought I’d say it but BLM honestly makes me ashamed of my people at this point since as a black woman I love my country, I enjoy my freedoms, and I don’t fear for my life despite living in a cop-heavy zone. My kids have always known how to deal with cops and they’ve always been respectful of everyone no matter who they are. At this point BLM and everyone else is just literally dumping on everything they can just to get a reaction, and it’s working obviously.”

            While no perpetrators have been caught at this time there are plenty of people that have volunteered to clean up the streets and the statues and have been advised to practice safety first while removing the filth.

            “This is our city,” said Marius Yates, one of the volunteers, “Black, white, Asian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, I don’t care. I’m a proud black man and I’ll say it again and again, this is OUR city, all of us, not just one race, and if you dump on our city in any way, then you’re dumping on US.”

@HowdyHo tweeted:

            That’s right, THAT’S RIGHT! It’s OUR city, OUR country, ALL of us! Tell it brother!

@MammaMo tweeted:

            When all is said and done those of us that can get along will still be here, and WE will still stand strong.

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