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The first time she had flipped it and made a wish, she had expressed the desire to be rich, famous, and powerful. She’d chuckled when the coin had landed skull-side up, thinking that such ill portents were great for fortune-tellers but didn’t work as well when translated into the real world. Only a day later though, she had been given word that her aunt, a famous and well-known publicist living in New York, had been run down by a drunk driver, and had been killed instantly. Her shock had been absolute, but somehow, after several drinks, a few pills, and a long flight from the west coast to New York, she had found herself listening to the lawyer that had been appointed as her aunt’s executor as he’d stated that since her aunt had been without children and had cut her cheating ex out of her will, and had never had a working relationship with the rest of her family, apart from her beloved niece, she had bequeathed her entire estate to one person that had bothered to be kind to her.

In all honesty she hadn’t thought that she and her aunt had enjoyed that kind of bond, but she hadn’t been willing to say as much as she had signed where she needed to sign, and accepted a massive estate in upstate New York, along with the added notice of those that had known her aunt well. One of those people had been a movie producer and had noted her beauty, her natural charm, and, well, her other charms when she had played along. Thanks to him she had landed her first audition, and within a year’s time she had become the unexpected star she’d been up until now. The coin had been kept near her at all times, since she hadn’t been able to forget that the small piece of lead had apparently been her ticket into a world she’d only ever dreamed of before.

The money and fame hadn’t changed her that much, as she had treated her family well, and had canceled their debts with her newfound fortune, and had even bought her parents a new home and a car and treated her two siblings well. But she had lost touch with them not long after this, and over the last few years had only spoken to them a few times. She was always busy, promoting one movie, looking at scripts, and managing her home and professional life. There was no husband in her life, no children, and she’d never wanted anything of the like. She had men to warm her bed when she wanted, but that was it.

Her second wish had been eternal youth, which had sounded childish to her ears, but she had worded it carefully to ensure that her entire body would never age past her current age, that everything about her would remain healthy, vibrant, and young. The coin had landed with the angelic side up, and as far as she could see over the last few years, nothing had happened. The third wish had been a little more problematic, as she had wished for her fame to never dwindle, to be famous forever and always. She hadn’t thought of just how dangerous such a wish could be, but when her entire family had been gunned down by a band of thugs that had looted their homes, she had been seen as the prime suspect, as the news media had ripped her to pieces.

Her life had been flipped upside down, and yet, the offers for one movie or show had kept coming, even in the midst of her grief. People had continued to push for her to star in this or that production, and her agent had been so damnably patient as she had refused several offers. She had wanted to grieve, but so many people that vilified her in one breath and tried to speak for her in the next did not allow this. She hadn’t even thought about the fourth flip that she’d been told about. Well, not until now at least.

(to be concluded)

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