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Portland, OR

            Many people are feeling that protesters are beginning to spiral out of control at this time as the burning of the elk statue in downtown Portland appears to signify. Some however are going even further and attempting to assault individuals without cause as it would seem. The case of Antonia Bicca versus Michael Chumble made this very clear only a day ago when Antonia, an avid BLM supporter, attempted to deface and then steal Mr. Chumble’s backpack, which featured an American flag design. While Michael attempted to dissuade Antonia from her actions and even backed away as footage of the incident shows, the woman still attempted to confront him for no better reason than to antagonize Michael and damage his property.

            “I mean yeah, she had a box knife and was threatening to cut him and slash his backpack and stuff, calling him racist and everything because he loves America,” said one bystander, who wished to remain anonymous, “She was getting all up in his face and calling him a war pig and everything. Finally she dropped the knife and just started slugging him, and I think he finally had enough because he turned around and did a Rock Bottom on her. People tried to call him out for that but a lot of us that were there didn’t say anything since he just walked away, and she got up eventually. She was pretty messed up though, but no one really felt sorry for her.”

            Michael, who outweighed Antonia by at least a hundred pounds, has not been brought up on charges of assault as video footage was shown to the police of how he attempted to simply walk away in an effort to negate the situation. When Antonia began to pummel him however Michael did manage to pick her up in a very familiar move that many wrestling fans know, and slam her forcefully to the ground. At this time Antonia has been picked up for assault and battery and from what it sounds like she did suffer a mild concussion.

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            Did you smell what he was cookin’, did ya?? Might’ve smelled like strudel.

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            Can you say “Street pie?”.

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