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New York, NY

            A small online news source in New York that will remain unnamed at the moment has been forced to print a retraction after falsifying information concerning individuals that were said to be injured during Trump rallies and while denouncing the current POTUS. The pictures in question are rather horrific considering that the people have been roughed up to the point of being bloodied with swollen lips, eyes, cheeks, and so forth. Unfortunately for the publication, one of the individuals they depicted happened to see their picture online and took immediate offense to the notion that her incident with Antifa had been so horribly misrepresented.

            “Oh my God I was mad,” said Charity Allan, “I’d been struck repeatedly in the face for arguing my case for Trump and someone decided to just start snapping picture of me for their own reasons I guess. I was in a public space so I couldn’t really stop them, but I did manage to get in my car and make my way to the hospital. But this is unfortunate since it’s dishonest media that’s helping to dismantle the country right now as they push these false narratives. I kind of wonder how many other people in the article weren’t beaten by Trump supporters but were instead beaten up by angry liberals and people like them.”

            The publication has had to run a retraction on this and many other articles as other people have stood up in Charity’s wake after recognizing themselves in various articles that have been run in the past several months. The monetary cost hasn’t been nearly as big as the reputation that the site has lost in a very short time, as keeping an air of professionalism is by far and large the most important thing that many sites can accomplish. How this will affect the site moving forward is unknown.

@TearItDown tweeted:

            I don’t care for Trump at all, but don’t go blaming people for something they didn’t do. Whantifa needs to learn that they can’t get away with this crap.

@Diablo234 tweeted:

            Honesty in reporting? What’s that?

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