Cancel Culture” Is NOT A Myth — What Everyone Gets Wrong About That Term |  by Joe Garza | The Reckless Muse | Medium

Portland, OR

            A local newspaper in Portland, Oregon has decided to test fate by calling out what has been known as Cancel Culture by reporting on and satirizing subjects that have been considered taboo in today’s era. Many people know what Cancel Culture is, and have likely seen or perhaps even felt it’s wrath, as it takes so little to offend people these days. The Rag and its many writers however is more than willing to call out those that are offended by the expression of free speech and have decided to devote themselves to promoting ideas that are equally rooted in hilarity as well as truth. The Rag is hereby throwing down the gauntlet and telling Cancel Culture: “Come and get it.”

            “We don’t really think that people will work up the nerve to do or say anything until they find something that’s truly offensive or they find that we’re making people think twice about what they’re telling them to cancel,” said Michelle Fosten, the Editor in Chief of The Rag, “We’re just here to have fun, report the news in a light-hearted manner, and if we can, piss off Cancel Culture while we’re at it. That’s not our main goal to be certain, but it’s a perk of the job since freedom of speech is still a thing and they can’t do much to keep people from liking us.”

            As of this writing The Rag has already become highly viewed and described as a funny but rather crass site that isn’t afraid to ‘go there’ when reporting news or simply satirizing current events. While some have already called to cancel the site as libel and slander, no one has brought forth a lawsuit as of yet. If anything, this has prompted Michelle and her small group of writers to double up on their content and become even more obnoxious.

@JanusMcMan tweeted:

            A to the freakin’ MEN! You write that stuff sister, and make sure your writers have the sack for it too!

@AllaDis tweeted:

            Cancel Culture can take a seat and suck on their binky, let’s have some humor and plenty of it.

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