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Los Angeles, CA

            One has to wonder where protesters get the time and money to perform the demonstrations that are held so often, but in the case of two individuals their time ran out quickly when their mother noticed them on TV. Naomi Smith was watching a newscast of downtown LA when she noticed her two daughters, Keisha and Charmaine, marching proudly alongside Black Lives Members, insulting police officers they came across and harassing Caucasians that were looking on as the protest moved throughout the city.

            “I hopped in my car and headed for downtown the moment I saw my two girls,” Naomi said in an interview, “My thoughts were whirling since I didn’t want my girls to become statistics, but I also didn’t want them thinking that they could insult and attack people for better reason than because some braindead movement told them they could. I don’t agree with BLM, they’re a bunch of backward-thinking blockheads that think they’ve suffered the same way our ancestors did. They can call me and any other black folks Uncle Toms for thinking the way we do, but this country is ours as much as anyone else’s, and it doesn’t help to spread the same hatred that so many have been trying to get rid of for so long.”

            Upon reaching the downtown area it took Naomi only a few minutes to find her girls, and it took just as much time for both young women to learn that their mother wasn’t about to tolerate their presence within the BLM ranks. When others attempted to calm Naomi down she presented a can of pepper spray that many shied away from quickly.

            “They didn’t want any of me when I started spraying,” Naomi relayed to us, “My girls got to moving too when they saw the spray, since they knew I’d douse them and drag them home if I had to. They got a definite earful when we got home, let me tell you.”

@Bulldeedie tweeted:

            That’s right! Get your babies momma! Hahahaha!

@Allotta tweeted:

            That’s a mom you don’t talk back to, the kind that’ll wade into a crowd and yank you out of it by the hair for acting the fool.

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