Black Lives Matter street mural in front of Trump Tower vandalized three  times in one week - CNN

Vancouver, WA

            Conservatives and liberals alike want to blame one another for the troubles that people face today, and it has become obvious that the ongoing struggles aren’t bound to end any time soon. Another struggle was created only days ago however when a local woman by the name of Millie Dayton clashed with a Black Lives Matter group that made their way into Esther Short Park to protest and begin plans for what looked to be another sidewalk mural that would be painted upon the winding sidewalks. Unfortunately for the group they did not have permission to do this and the moment they opened their materials they were stopped and detained by Clark County police officers that were on hand. While they were being questioned however, Mille took it upon herself to ‘redecorate’ as she put it, the banner they had marched into the park with.

            “The police were in the process of detaining them and their banner was simply lying on the ground near the sidewalk where they planning to deface the park,” Millie relayed, “I had a couple of cans of paint on my person for a special occasion so I decided this was special enough and started spraying down their sign. I managed to block out the ‘black’ on the sign and write ‘all’ above it before someone decided to yank the banner away, but I count it as a win.”

            While the BLM members were escorted off of the premises, Millie was allowed to go free despite the desire of the BLM to charge her with vandalism. As the police hadn’t seen her do this however, and there was no video evidence, amazingly enough, she was allowed to leave under her own power.

@Babbygurrl tweeted:

            Good for you honey, tear that mess up and remind the BLM that Black is included in “All”, hell they even share two of the same letters.

@DiggerDo tweeted:

            Is Being Lazy Matters still around? Damn people, get a job, or a hobby, or a dog, or something!

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