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            Recently a local waitress by the name of Gina Damme was hailed as a local hero for refusing to admit an openly racist individual into her establishment. The individual that caught Gina’s attention was apparently being quite rude and disruptive to a small Puerto Rican family that had come Gina’s place of work to celebrate a special occasion.  Unfortunately the man, whose name will be kept anonymous, that decided he didn’t want to wait his turn to be seated was even less inclined to wait behind the family and began to toss one racial insult after another at them.

            “My family has been here for two generations now,” said Mark Arnaz, “We’re proud of our Puerto Rican heritage but we’re still Americans and just as proud of that. It’s sad that people are still willing to call out others based on the way they look. It was even more amazing that this racist is a black man since a lot of people don’t think that black people can be racist. I’m thankful for the server that told him to leave though, she deserved a lot of thanks after that.”

            In fact, thanks to a video of the incident that went viral, Gina eventually discovered that she had been given nearly $45 thousand dollars in ‘tips’ by individuals that had seen the video and were impressed with her reaction and her ability to stand up to a racist. Gina however had a different approach to this.

            “I appreciate everyone validating me and saying I did the right thing. Some people even thought I was going to lose my job over this since the guy we 86’ed is some bigwig downtown, but I don’t want that money. I didn’t earn it, I did what anyone should be doing, standing up to racists where and when I can. It’s their right to free speech and all that and he wasn’t calling any harm on the family, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t suffer any consequences for their words. He has a right be hateful, but we have the right to refuse serve to anyone at any time. Plus, my boss had my back, so anyone thinking I was going to get fired, hike up your big boy or girl boots, wipe your nose, and take your money back. I did the right thing, that’s reward enough, I won’t take a bounty for doing my job.”

            As of now the GoFundMe has been donated to Black Lives Matter in Gina’s honor, though she has refused to comment on this development.

@HollaHolla tweeted:

            Daaaamn! Gina showed dude what was up!

@GetchaWatcha tweeted:

            If she doesn’t want it I’ll take it. Just playin’, she makes a lot of sense, but the people giving it over to BLM is just more insanity.

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