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Portland, OR

            Some people march, some people protest, some people hold signs, and then some people do some truly crazy stuff to prove their point, whatever that might be. Dermott Mulrind was admitted to the local hospital only a few days ago after deciding to take his protests of police brutality to a new level, which included running into the outer wall of the City Hall building amid other protesters, some of whom attempted to get Dermott to stop, only to be hit, kicked, and in one case even bitten. When police were asked to step in, by other protesters no less, Dermott spat at them and called his fellow protesters traitors before attempting to dash his head against the wall yet again, this time with a full head of steam.

            “This guy just started bashing his head against the wall,” said a bystander that asked to remain anonymous, “We were out here to protest peacefully, but he felt like smearing his brains on the wall for some reason. Eventually we did ask a few of the officers stationed to check it out and it made us glad that they listened and took care of it. It’s a moment we’ll remember at least, when the people spoke and the cops finally did their job.”

            According to reports it does sound as though Dermott was stopped before he managed to hit the wall again, and was apprehended for assault and battery of civilians as well as an officer. It’s been released that he’ll be released to psychiatric care to evaluate his mental stability in order to see whether or not he can stand trial in his defense. Several people have already stated that he needs help, and that the police, though justified, should now stand aside and allow real professionals to handle the task of caring for Dermott.

@JudeyJude tweeted:

            “finally did their job”? Seriously? If the protesters would work to help instead of hinder the cops the country wouldn’t be in this position.

@UnderMySkin tweeted:

            Sometimes the herd tries to thin itself out apparently, but it’s our ‘duty’ to stop them.

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