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“I’ll flip it,” she croaked, “I promise, I’ll flip it.”

She thought back to the first time this devilish rogue had appeared, when he had first introduced himself, and what he had said to her. He’d told her that the holder of this coin had three flips, well, four technically, and could wish for whatever they wanted with the first three flips. The fourth flip he’d proclaimed as unimportant until it came around, and like a dummy she’d let this pass, thinking that it wasn’t a big deal. She’d been skeptical of the whole thing to be honest, and had kept the coin in her purse for the first couple of weeks.

He’d told her that there was no rush, that she could flip the coin whenever she wanted, just to make certain. But the moment she flipped it while wishing for something, it would come true, so had best be certain she asked for what she truly wanted. He hadn’t even bothered to tell her what would happen if she flipped and the coin landed with one side or the other up, but she had found out. It had cost her dearly, but she had found out.

“Are you really going to this time? No catching it and claiming you weren’t ready. That got you into this mess, remember?”

She nodded, her skull aching as she recalled every moment of the vicious beating that her attempted trickery had earned her. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time, as she’d tried to be smarter than the coin during her first wish.

The first time had been a warning, but being who she was, and the fact that stubbornness ran deep within her family, she hadn’t learned the first time around.

(to be continued)

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