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“You wanted fame, you wanted riches, and you wanted power. You just didn’t opt to say how you wanted to get them. That’s your fault, not mine. I was the facilitator, the ringmaster, and you decided to just let me go and make things up as I would. Remember that?”

She had said that. It was true that she had let this malevolent creature out of the bag, so to speak, and had wished for more than she needed. She had found the antique coin in a local pawn shop, and despite their initial claim that they hadn’t known where the coin had come from, or why it was in their possession, the salesmen had allowed her to purchase it for a reasonable price after finding that there was nothing overly special about it. The coin was made of lead, carried engravings that no one understood, and showed up nowhere online, so therefore it was either worth a fortune, or worth absolutely nothing.

They had sold it to her without any reservations, not bothering to really wonder what the skull and bones on one side meant and the angelic being on the other side meant. It had been discussed that it was one of the many saint/sinner or good/evil coins that were in circulation these days, but they’d had no record of it ever being a part of their inventory when looking for a price. She hadn’t known whether to take them at their word or think that they’d been fooling around with her. But now, she could understand why it had passed by their notice, since the coin had a mind of its own, and a master that excelled at deception.

“I’ll take back my wish, I swear. Everything.” she croaked, “I’ll take back everything. Just, just please, don’t make me..”

“It’s a simple flip you silly bitch,” the man tittered, “A simple thing that can decide how things are going to go. You flip it right, your world lives and knows nothing about what happened. You flip it wrong…meh, your world had a good run.”

Her eyes widened as she shook in her seat, “No, no, no…”

“If you don’t flip, then I will. I can promise you woman, I won’t be flipping to lose anymore than you would. But this is the only way.”

“Wait!” she shouted, fighting back another wave of nausea.

He stopped, palming the coin as he walked towards her, a smile still planted on his cruel features.

“Something else to say dear?”

“Y-yeah,” she sobbed, “I’ll flip, I’ll flip it.”

(to be continued)

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