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Hillsboro, OR

            It’s not too often that a prisoner will beg to go back to prison unless they’ve been institutionalized or something else occurs that they can’t handle. In this case Herbert Dippenfer, a convicted pedophile that was released after serving 7 years of a 25-year sentence due to the COVID-19 virus, has made headlines by claiming that the neighborhood that his halfway house belongs to has banded against him and has stated that they will see him lynched before they see him walking the streets. The words, as spoken by Herbert, have not been repeated by anyone else however, and those that have been questioned on the street haven’t bothered to elaborate on the issue.

            “Of course we don’t want a convicted pedophile in the neighborhood,” said Ida Dimmer, a long-time resident of Hillsboro, “But that doesn’t mean that just anyone will take the law into their own hands. We’re not savages after all.”

            Herbert has told a much different story during his time online and has expressed fear so great that he’s found employment online as well, as he admits that he’s fearful to leave the halfway house, just in case anyone is lying in wait, ready to put the lie to the words that have already been spoken by several residents within the community.

            “They’re lying,” Herbert wrote on Facebook, “I know they are. I’ve been in prison with liars and thieves for almost a decade, I know when someone is lying. They’ll all turn their head and say what they need to in order to make it look like they’re beyond reproach, but the moment I’m outside for more than a few seconds I’m certain one or more of them will string me up and use me like pinata. I’m a criminal, I’m not stupid.”

            At this time Herbert has not violated parole as he does have a job online and has stayed well away from any public places that harbor children. He is still convinced that stepping outside will be the end of him.

@HeppenFeffer tweeted:

            Dude, you’re a criminal, you molested kids, you got caught (rightfully so)…..that doesn’t make you a genius. But yeah, I wouldn’t step outside if I were you….

@DollaHolla tweeted:

            At least we live in an era where pretty much everyone delivers.

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