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Reno, NV

            Racism is apparently running rampant wherever a person looks as a small conservative newspaper in Reno that wishes to remain anonymous for now has been accused of using racist remarks in one of their columns. The accuser, James Mulberrn, has a long history of calling out what he believes is the ‘moral and ethical decay in modern-day America’ and has feuded with several publications in his time. This time around however James has decided to go after this small news outlet by stating that one of their editorial columns chose to speak of POC’s in an derogatory and harmful manner since they called POC’s ‘black’ and ‘brown’ instead of simply saying POC, as he feels is more acceptable.

            “As a white, cis-gendered man that is a proud liberal arts student and a representative of the woke portion of my misguided race I am here to make certain that it is know that I am not a white savior and I am not responsible for educating others on the plight of the POC’s in this country since they do not need my voice. But I will still stand up when I feel the need and call out racist, bigoted sources such as this because people of my race need to know that this is NOT okay, and that our POC citizens have suffered enough without being called ‘black’ or ‘brown’. Now I have to atone since I used those disgusting words.”

            While the interview cut off quickly after this the point remains that James, who claims to not be a white savior, has made it his personal goal to call out racism wherever he finds it, no matter how obvious or hidden it might be.

@DippityDoo tweeted:

            James, from a lot of us black people, eat a Snickers big guy.

@DooDahDee tweeted:

            Boy sit your narrow behind down, the only thing you said right was that BLACK people don’t need you.

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