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Minneapolis, MN

            In the midst of so much negativity two idealistically-opposed groups have decided to lay down their arguments and come together to create a better solution for their community. We Owe Nothing, a conservative group whose message is to say no to reparations, and Take Our Tomorrow, a liberal group dedicated to the future of BIPOC throughout the country, decided to lay down their rhetoric for a time in order to find some sort of middle ground in order to repair and rebuild their city in the wake of the riots that followed the murder of George Floyd. Anna Diddlen, speaking for WON, and Jillian Wong, speaking for TOT, both agreed that the narrative has been heavily clouded at this time and that people have forgotten what they were fighting over in the first place.

            “The main point of the protests was lost the moment that people started calling for anything and everything they could, and little of it had that much to do with calling for justice for George Floyd,” said Jillian, “We wanted the officers responsible for his death to be arrested and put away, but people continued to take it further thanks to the general unrest until now BLM and anyone that follows their ideals are asking for things that they technically already have. They’re asking for more than their fair share is the problem, and they’re using history and white guilt as a means to get it. At this point Anna and I, and our followers, decided it was time to finally just sit down and remind each other what we’re really fighting for, and what’s important. So far we’ve been able to make a bit of headway in reclaiming the city for the people, and in getting things back up and running.”

            At this time both groups have been helping with clean-up efforts and have come together to speak up and speak out concerning the ongoing tensions that are being experienced in the nation. Jillian and Anna have both agreed that their own personal ideals will remain on hold indefinitely in order to restore their beloved city.

@AllaTime tweeted:

            Can I get an amen for these two and the people following them?

@JamesALawdy tweeted:

            Finally someone gets it, come together instead of splitting apart.

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