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Portland, OR

            It’s fair to state that tensions were running high before the year 2020 came around, but since the decade started many people have taken note that life has changed in a big way, and not for the better. Only a week ago a socialist group by the name of Comrades Under Communal Knowledge, a supposed support group, attempted to storm City Hall in an attempt to shut it down. Their reasoning was never discovered as several of them didn’t make it any further than the outskirts of the downtown area as the sensory overload of cars, pedestrians, and everyday street noises overwhelmed them and sent many CUCK members into a fit that caused a great deal of confusion. Those that did make the march, numbering only two dozen from nearly one hundred at that point, were pared down even further when several fights broke out over ‘gendered language’ that saw six members of the group arrested while they claimed that they’d been victims of hate speech.

            “It was like watching a snowball roll through hell, kind of,” quipped one bystander, “They went from this big, organized group down to just a few individuals that were shaking like leaves when they finally got to City Hall. Even those folks didn’t last more than an hour or so before something happened that made them erupt into a fit. This is why people with so many trigger warnings should either work from home and order in or learn to grow the hell up and see a shrink.”

            While such a simplistic view isn’t indicative of every Portlander that witnessed the breakdown, many agree that the group was less than prepared for what they might have seen as a liberation. Unfortunately, without being able to tell people just what they were after, it looked like a failed attempt at something that no one could define.

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            Ah yes, The Triggering of 2020 continues….

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            trigger. Trigger. TRIGGER!

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