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Portland, OR

            Twitter was abuzz earlier last week in response to a bullying episode that took place on one of the many Max routes leading into the downtown area. An unidentified Caucasian female was filmed trying to bully several passengers on the train for reasons that have yet to be determined as many people involved stated that she didn’t appear to have any motivation behind her attempts to intimidate those around her, and that she’d appeared just fine upon stepping on the Max and throughout several stops.

            “She didn’t show any outward signs of distress,” said one passenger, “People always say that others could be going through something you don’t understand, so be kind, but this kind of pushes that over the limit. She was fine one second and then it seems like someone must have looked at her and she just flew off the hook.”

            The inciting incident apparently happened not long after the woman met the eyes of another passenger, as many have agreed. From that point she became aggressive and more than a little confrontational as according to the reports of those that could be reached for comment, the woman wasn’t above trying to get physical with a few of her fellow passengers. When people failed to respond or rise to the bait however she grew increasingly agitated and increased her bullying behavior.

            “It was awkward since no one wanted to fight with her,” said another passenger, “It’s kind of like watching a frightened dog that doesn’t really want to fight, they’re just trying to back you off for some reason. So no one did anything but she still tried to get a lot of us to fight.”

            When the Max stopped in the downtown area, in Pioneer Square, the woman, perhaps sensing that no one was going to fight, exited the Max in tears and attempted to get the police involved, stating that she’d been bullied by several people on the Max. As the police sought to question several people however the woman made her getaway, and hasn’t been seen again. As of now the woman still hasn’t been identified.

@PsychoKitty tweeted:

            It’s too easy to label her as a psycho, she’s a straight up nut, and not the fun, chocolate-covered kind.

@IkoIkoWaWa tweeted:

            Okay, who left the door to the looney bin open?

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