An all-Black group is arming itself and demanding change

Austin, TX

            Black Over White, one of the newest militant groups to emerge in the chaos that’s been spreading from the wake of the murder of George Floyd, received a stiff ultimatum only two days ago from Austin residents. People of all colors and races turned out in response to the threat that was posed by BOW when its members, numbering around 150 strong, attempted to take over a popular department store on the fringes of the city. Arlo Riley, one of the store managers, had this to say:

            “I’m not ashamed to be black, let me put that out there right now, but I’ll be damned and dipped before I let anyone simply roll over people in my community. The sad part is that a lot of these strong black men in BOW are former military and they’ve been duped into believing that they’re standing for what’s right and that reparations are due to them for what happened to their ancestors. My ancestors were slaves too, but they went through what they did and fought for their freedom. The people these days are fighting for a cause that was never theirs. You want to advocate for black people, that’s fine, do it and find a peaceful way to bring unity. Otherwise, Texas is the wrong state to be taking over a piece at a time. Here we’re Texans, not black or white, not a divided people, but Texans, and we don’t bow down to anyone with guns when we’ve got our own.”

            Arlo and many others were by all rights startled when BOW made their way into the parking lot of the store, armed to the teeth and apparently ready to take the area by force. That lasted as long as it took for several armed citizens, including many within the store, to band together and surround the group. Concerned citizens from nearby establishments joined in upon noticing this standoff, leading to BOW being outgunned by roughly 100 or more firearms as they stood in the middle of the parking lot, without cover or backup.

            When police arrived they quickly deescalated the situation, asking the gun owners to put their firearms away. Nearly everyone complied immediately, though after an announcement that the BOW group would be taken into custody, the concerned citizens were content to put their weapons down. While there was initial resistance, the entirety of the BOW group was taken into custody and are currently waiting to be sentenced after being charged with a misdemeanor that will see many of them immediately released.

@CarefullySteppin tweeted:

            So what next? Will they go challenge a wolf pack with nothing but knives? Actually that might be safer….

@SpittinOut tweeted:

            Don’t mess with Texans….just don’t do it….morons….

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