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“You cannot run forever wizard,” the devil crooned, “I will find you, and flense the flesh from your bones, one painful, agonizing layer at a time. Will you scream for me, wizard? Will you beg me for death?”

His workshop was in shambles, his spell books were burning, and the few talismans he’d been able to stuff into his endless satchel were being held tightly in his left fist as he gripped his Malleable staff with his right. The demon was currently between his hiding spot near the collapsed east stairwell and west stairwell that would offer freedom, so long as the dimensional space took no more damage. The blue-hued creature stood nearly eight feet tall with an enormous wingspan that could fill the room if they were unfurled, while the creature’s prehensile tail rested upon the floor behind it.

“Have you used your invisibility stone, wizard?” the devil chuckled, its feminine features splitting wide in a smile so horrible it might have stopped the hearts of many that looked upon it. Its crimson gaze scanned the room, coming closer to closer to where he stood. A plan formed quickly as he reached into his satchel, summoning forth the one jewel he knew could be used to harm this creature. Whispering a quick incantation he pressed the jewel to his staff, hearing as well as feeling as the artifact melded with the implement.

“Ah, there you-“

“I am here!” he yelled, roaring in defiance as the staff in his right rose and changed, the wooden appearance flowing and stretching before compacting into a sharp-edged form that produced a sudden, blinding flash of light that had the devil reacting instinctively as a portal opened behind it, a portal that the wizard attempted to use as he dove beneath the flailing arms of the devil, into a fate that he believed would be better than that which awaited him here.

As he made it through he nearly breathed a sigh of relief, at least until he felt something coil around his ankle, a dark, sinister voice reaching his ears from behind as he did his best to turn around.

“We weren’t done yet, wizard.”

(to be continued)

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