Santa Cruz: Holy Cross Catholic Church vandalized by bad spirits |

Tacoma, WA

            Three members of the BLM movement in Tacoma, Washington took it upon themselves to vandalize a community church only two nights ago, leaving a note behind to explain why they’d done the deed:

            We of the BLM demand that this church take down all of its representations of a white Jesus and the white disciples that followed him. Jesus was a black man, and we demand that he be shown in all his dark-skinned glory. We demand to see Jesus returned to his original look, and that the white parishioners turn over all tithing to black-owned business and charities, while the repairs for the church and the rightful damage done by our movement be paid for by the white oppressors that seek to steal our heritage and deny that black people are the chosen of God. These are our demands, and we pray in His name that you take them seriously.

            Police were alerted to the vandalism and staked out the church for a single night before capturing the perpetrators, who, after seeing that the church had violated their demands and hung additional tapestries and signs depicting a white Jesus, attempting to vandalize the church again. While it’s been requested that the names of the vandals be kept anonymous, it has been deduced that their plans were to set fire to the building next, and that they are in fact allied with the BLM, who police are planning to question next.

            Ironically enough, one of the vandals is close friends with the head pastor of the church, so it comes as quite a shock to the community that such a thing could happen. At this time however repairs are already being made to the church and, as far as anyone can tell, no special payments have been made to any of those mentioned in the letter left by the vandals.

@YumpinYaysus tweeted:

            Yeah, that sends a great message, “do what we want or we’ll burn your house down”, idiots.

@FireonFire tweeted:

            Hahahahahahaha, hold on, laughing too hard, hahahahahaha….okay, seriously….hahahahahahaha

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