The reality of black violence captured

Portland, OR

            The racial divide that currently exists in the USA has been teetering lately as individuals continue to ask for understanding and peace between people. In the meantime, Black Lives Matter groups, many who claim to be seeking only equality and equity for people of color, have been seen as rather divisive in their own regard as many offshoots that claim to be a part of BLM have gone on the offensive against various people in their communities and abroad. The message at this point appears to be that if one is not for BLM then they are firmly set against it, no matter if a person has no opinion one way or the other.

            Sadly though, this also means that those who do not side with BLM become targets, as one business in particular, a small eatery in downtown Portland, was attacked recently and nearly shut down due to the amount of damage the dining area sustained.

            “We’re fed up with this stuff,” said the owner, Rachel Agabe, “Being black and getting attacked by white folks or anyone else is bad enough, but being black and being attacked by black folks is something we didn’t think would happen. But seeing as how we’re Trump supporters and aren’t afraid to make it known we should have seen it coming. My family and I have been called Uncle Tom and every other name in the book, but I’m beginning to wonder if anyone’s ever read the book. Uncle Tom isn’t as much of an insult as they think it is, especially when they don’t know the story.”

            Since the attack the eatery, Dine On In, has continued to operate with a limited capacity and by keeping loyal customers as they offer take-out as well.

@LetEmFight tweeted:

            When you’ve got to turn on anyone and everyone that doesn’t agree with you then you’ve lost whatever objectivity you had, if you had any to begin with.

@DrippinDot tweeted:

            People screaming and crying about a divisive nation while they continue to divide everyone is like someone tossing gas on a house fire.

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