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Vancouver, WA

            As many people know at this point BIPOC means Black, Indigenous and People of Color, and is used extensively by many people that seek to lump every non-white person into a group in an effort to make it easier to identify a the downtrodden and abused. Unfortunately the term has become one of the many that has been used to the advantage of others at this time, as several BIPOC teens that use this term to identify themselves have been caught in fraudulent activities in the past two weeks. No less than thirty-two BIPOC teens have been caught in a lie after claiming to have come from impoverished families and low-income neighborhoods, initiating a scandal that has been seen to stretch from downtown Vancouver where one group of teens had been seeking donations for school uniforms, primarily for sports and band activities.

            Another group was found in Hazel Dell asking for donations for their school’s music program, while another group was discovered as far as Orchards, seeking donations for extracurricular activities. Unfortunately for the students, those giving out the donations posted several of them on social media, lauding them as ‘local heroes’ and even ‘upstanding students who are selflessly working for their own education’. The saddening part is what eventually was discovered by one of those that had made a sizeable donation.

            “I gave them a pretty big amount of money because I could and I felt it was necessary,” said the individual, who asked to be kept anonymous, “But lo and behold when my family and I were out for an evening and decided to go to Bullwinkle’s for some putt-putt golf I saw the same group I’d donated to along with several other kids that they apparently knew. All of them were BIPOC as far as I could tell, but I didn’t care about that so much as the idea that I overheard one of them talking about donations while we were on the course, and recognized my own description while the person was speaking. I decided to record the rest of the conversation to see what else they would say, and dang if I didn’t hear a fully-detailed plot in the process.”

            The concerned citizen held off on going to the authorities until he saw the same group seeking donations again the following week, at which time he turned the recording over to the police, who were quick to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible. At this time the teens have been ordered to pay back the money that was ‘donated’, meaning that their parents will be required to come up with the funds.

@CannaRunna tweeted:

            Man, my dad would whip my a$$ purple if I tried this crap.

@WantToBail tweeted:

            On the other hand the kid that blabbed might have a future as a Bond villain….

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