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Portland, OR

            It’s no secret that protesters have been tearing down statues that they believe represent slavery, oppression, and are not shy about ganging up to do this in great numbers. However, the issue that occurred in Portland only a few days back nearly became worse than it might have been had police not been called to the home of Justin and Taylor Loden in the greater Portland area. The Hispanic couple were alerted to the gathering of a mob of protesters on the sidewalk just outside their home early in the morning, and were quick to unlock their gun safe while keeping their kids inside.

            “I walked out without pointing my shotgun at anyone,” said Justin, “I’ve been keeping up on the story in St. Louis and I didn’t want anyone thinking I mean to shoot first, but two out of the mob were already standing on our property, meaning they’d come through the chain-link fence we put up years ago for our dog. When the two that had come through told me that they were there to take down our ‘offensive’ statue, that we’d petitioned to have in our yard and signed to get permission for with the HOA, I politely told them that they weren’t, and that was when things almost got out of hand.”

            According to the report, the two Antifa members each produced a lighter and a can of hairspray, making it clear what they were intending to do. Taylor had already called the police however, and upon arriving officers found the Antifa members and Justin in a standoff as the rest of the mob looked ready to move in. No less than four cars with officers that were heavily armed and bedecked in riot gear showed up to the Loden residence, ready to deal with the crowd as the Antifa members began to disperse thankfully, though the two that crossed the fence promised to be back. Thankfully, Justin was smarter in this instance and had his cellphone in his pocket, recording the interaction. As the two Antifa members were arrested for trespassing, there is now a clear reason to arrest and detain both of them as they’ve been recorded making a clear threat to the homeowners.

@JubileeSpark tweeted:

            Antifa’s getting a little too bold now, aren’t they?

@HubertLee tweeted:

            Click, clack, boom. Antifa clear the room.

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