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Spokane, WA

            The current year has not been the best to anyone in the world at large. Many people have felt that 2020 could be the precursor to the end of days, while others adamantly refuse to believe that things are what the media says they are. Margaret Tilly is one such individual as she and her husband Ronnie have been firmly against wearing masks since Governor Inslee mandated it some time ago. Unfortunately for Margaret, another occurrence has come along that might force her to reconsider at one point or another after the incident that occurred only a few days ago. During a protest near the Washington State University campus, Margaret and Ronnie were both making their voices heard in opposition to the rule that would have forced their teenage daughters to wear masks while attending classes. Unfortunately for Margaret, opening her mouth at that time was the worst possible idea.

            “I didn’t even see the thing before she looked at me and acted like she was choking. It took me a second before I realized that she was choking, but when I saw what she was choking on I nearly freaked since I saw the thing’s stinger stabbing her over and over on the tongue. I didn’t know what to do so I reached into her mouth and yanked it out, but I only managed to get half of it, she swallowed the rest as a reflex.”

            Thankfully, Ronnie took Margaret to a nearby hospital where she had her stomach pumped, successfully regurgitating the rest of the hornet. After that Margaret was still in a great deal of pain for several hours, but it’s expected that she’ll make a full recovery. What’s truly unfortunate however is that a bystander caught a video of the incident and it has since gone viral, much to Margaret and Ronnie’s dismay.

@RonnieDay33 tweeted:

            Someone’s gonna make a t-shirt out of this, just you wait.

@SimpsonDaily tweeted:

            Hey liberals, it’s a new idea for a bumper sticker….

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