Pamplin Media Group - Protesters march on I-5 Bridge between Portland,  Vancouver

Vancouver, WA

            Nearly three dozen activists were arrested a few days ago in the wee hours of the morning for trying to illegally block city streets leading into and out of the downtown Vancouver area. Blockades were created around City Hall and were also created as far up as 4th Plain Boulevard and as far east as I-5, blocking two off ramps entering from the north, and three from the south. Several lanes of traffic were blocked leading into the downtown area as well. The concentrated effort was revealed to be the work of a new group known as Warriors Against Racism, which is apparently made up of a rather diverse group that claim to be pacifists despite the spelling of their organization.

            “The fact is that they caught everyone unaware and were well-organized, which is a scary thought really since it took at least a couple hundred people to do this, and we only managed to catch 30 of them, or a little more from what I gather,” Police Chief Nick Andrews stated, “I’d say it’s even terrifying to think what could have happened, but a lot of those that managed to get away were discovered on Facebook not too long after the arrest, partying and whooping it up how they’d ‘liberated’ Vancouver and would eventually make another CHOP out of it.”

            The reference to the Capital Hill Organized Protest in Seattle has caused a great amount of mirth among Facebook users and many YouTubers have already caught wind of the failed attempt. While some have decided to spoof it, others have gone on to state the dangers of such groups as WAR and their sadly warped ideals. The members of the group have refused to say anything at this time, but will be tried and in some cases jailed as there are several repeat offenders among the group.

@AmanyTaft tweeted:

            We put up a fence! We put up a fence! Yaaay! (police sirens) Uh oh…..

@HollerBucket tweeted:

            If you wanna do something positive in Vancouver block off the meth labs…okay that’d be too much work, never mind.

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