Need 'Professional' Protestors? These Groups Provide Them

Austin, TX

            Lately there are a great number of unhappy people throughout the nation when it comes to one argument or another. Many people are blaming others, each other, and the POTUS especially, for their current lot in life, though some of them are not quite as miserable as people are initially led to believe. While the fact remains that many people are still feeling the pinch of the pandemic and the hardships that have come as a result, some have found the need to create problems where none have existed in the first place.

            Dale Gibblemeyer, an Austin resident and firm Antifa member, decided to take action in his own way only a few days ago by gaining support from neighbors and fellow Antifa members around the nation. His claim was that he’d been assaulted by a police officer outside his own home, which was only a stone’s throw from a recent protest march that was said to have gone by unmolested and uncontested by police, who were present and serving as crowd control. Dale claimed to have been assaulted by a black officer whose badge number he’d failed to get before he was pummeled about the head and neck with a baton, resulting in a concussion and several bruises. Unfortunately for Dale, his fellow Antifa members were unable to corroborate this story, and a non-affiliated YouTuber on hand managed to release this:

            “Dale Gibblemeyer isn’t mistaken, and he isn’t a victim of circumstance. He’s a pathetic liar that managed to incite a riot against the police of Austin with his falsehoods. Fortunately his ploy wasn’t hard to figure out since his brother and their friend weren’t smart enough to keep their mouths shut. As of now Dale is in a heap of trouble, and is now attempting to file assault charges on his brother and their friend. This goes to show that while not all Antifa members are this stupid, but they do certainly scrape the bottom of the barrel for their membership.”

            As of now Dale is being charged with filing a false report, and could possibly looking at a large fine and possible jail time.

@OhBoya tweeted:

            Maybe the brother and friend needed to go on a vacation when this happened, eliminate all witnesses after all.

@DreamerBad tweeted:

            Obviously he had mental issues before the concussion.

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