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Moscow, ID

            It takes a truly demented mind to think up a way to derail a film student’s aspirations, especially when there’s nothing wrong with the film they had in mind. Mikaylah Arbit had plans to make a romantic comedy to turn in for her final this past June, and was looking forward to showcasing her work in a local film festival, but nearly ran into a wall called disappointment. It appears that a local critic/activist had been watching her shoot the film and didn’t care for the idea that she used public spaces in such a blatant way while having her characters display what were described as “blatantly racist and stereotypical behaviors”. The activist, a 43-year old woman by the name of Karen Chadkille, is known within the area by many individuals and has been instrumental in the unfortunate failure of many a film student that she found to be ‘distasteful’, but Mikaylah wasn’t about to be bullied.

            “The people in my film are friends and classmates and I did everything I could to make certain that no one was offended. This literal Karen, it’s funny that’s her name actually, took it upon herself to film us while filming, and then she though it would be smart to put it on YouTube. Once I saw that, well, once a friend mentioned it the production was back on and I had my trump card. I called the cops and told them that she was stalking us. She tried to defend against it by stating that she was some self-styled activist that was attempting to keep Moscow a clean and family-oriented place, but once she admitted to doing this to other people the cops arrested her and a search warrant was apparently filed for her home.”

            Police found evidence that Karen had compiled hours upon hours of footage that had led to the failure of many a film student over the years. While motive has not been firmly established, Karen is currently looking at several fines and sentences to be served concurrently, not to mention what she’ll be made to pay in damages due to the results of her actions.

@ActingActor tweeted:

            Think she’ll be part of a peep show in jail?

@DippingDot tweeted:

            An actual Karen named Karen, will wonders never cease. And she’s actually being made to pay, ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Lol.

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