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Shreveport, LA

            The country is in turmoil. Racism in all its forms is being called out whether it is being used or not, and people are as divided now as they were decades ago when racist acts were far more prevalent and individuals actively feared for their lives in various neighborhoods. Today however, people are free to use racism as a rallying cry in order to create a stir no matter where they happen to be. Recently, a young black woman by the name of Nadine Monigron made her voice heard in an upscale nightclub located in Shreveport, Louisiana in a manner that not only disrupted the good time of everyone there, but eventually found her being escorted outside by the police. Her rant was actually captured on tape and transcribed, and is as follows:

            “Attention y’all! I am a proud African-American lady of color and there are just TOO many white people up in here! My anxiety is through the roof, and I was told that this club is inclusive but it’s like seeing a bunch of ghosts up in here right now! If some of y’all white people could just leave and let us people of color have a fun and stress-free night that would be great! Thanks for understanding, now please leave!”

            Needless to say, no one left, but plenty of people were willing to give Nadine a piece of their mind. Thankfully no one became violent, though Nadine apparently yelled at plenty of white patrons that her words were meant to ‘wake them up’ to their white privilege, as many witnesses have claimed. After finally exiting the club at one point Nadine came back the next day and announced that she planned to sue the club for not taking her seriously and for ‘damaging her mental health and stability’. At this time no lawsuit is pending, though Nadine has vowed that the club has not heard the last of her.

@GWeezy tweeted:

            Girl, just stop it. I am a proud black woman, never been to Africa, wasn’t born there, but I’m a proud American that would’ve likely yanked you off that mic and told you to take your narrow ass home.

@Free4All tweeted:

            If white people make you nervous then why does your FB account show you hanging out with mostly white people? You must be a masochist or something…..

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