A Video Of A Woman Refusing To Wear A Mask At Trader Joe's Is Going Viral

Portland, OR

            The march of the ‘Karen’s’, entitled women that feel the need to get their way, has apparently become a common thing recently as people are taking to calling out a ‘Karen’ whenever they see an entitled woman intent on getting her way. While many said cases involve Caucasian women asking to see a manager or berating other individuals for seemingly no reason, there are moments when even women of color can be labeled as a ‘Karen’. Some might wish to beg to differ as people of color have been adamant about a Karen being a predominantly white woman, but during an entitled rant within a local grocery story in Portland, Oregon, a woman of color who has yet to be identified was caught on audio by a nearby store patron.

K: Why are you looking at me dumbly, in a dumb way, like a dummy?

?: Ma’am, I’m just trying to answer your question is all. You asked to see my manager, I told you that she’s out with her family today.

K: Uh-huh, mmhmm, then who’s watching the store wise guy??

?: The assistant manager would be my guess.

K: Then let me speak to him, or her, or whoever, I won’t gender it for their precious little feelings. Just get me the assistant manager, now!

?: I can’t ma’am, I’m sorry.

K: Well then I’m going right your superior to have you written up and then fired. You don’t want to help me when I ask you a question and look at me like a little retard so I’m going to get you fired. Where’s your assistant manager?

?: I’m not sure ma’am, but you can’t do that.

K: Oh yes I can! Don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do you little punk! Why don’t you think I can?

?: Well, I don’t work here ma’am.

            That was where the audio cut out as the individual recording it began laughing too hard, though this story was corroborated by several witnesses when asked. Apparently the woman believed she was speaking to an employee because he ‘looked like he worked there’, and was unaware that he was just another shopper. At that point the woman stormed out of the store apparently, and has not been heard from since.

@JellyJog tweeted:

            I don’t blame the guy for laughing, I’d be rolling in the aisles, probably literally.

@HallyGally tweeted:

            Perfect way to shut down a Karen, make them look as stupid as they sound. Mad props.

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