Speeding Truckers More Likely to Cause Big-Rig Accidents - Steven M. Lee, PC

Santa Barbara, CA

            Amid the other problems in this current era it’s been noted that protestors are still fond of attempting to close roadways whenever they feel the need to get their point across. While many of those protests seen as of late have been fairly peaceful and only escalate when rioters and looters attempt to stir up trouble by being violent or otherwise problematic. Just recently a female protester that’s been identified as Sage Aromacks of Santa Barbara, California, attempted to claim that her friend had nearly been run over by a semi-truck carrying a shipment into the city. Sage and a large group of protestors had been blocking an off ramp leading into the city only a short time before police had ordered them to disperse. When traffic had resumed however Sage and her friend, Rosalie Underbuss, decided to try and stage an outrageous stunt that went entirely awry and sent Rosalie to the hospital soon after with a broken ankle.

            “Ms. Aromacks brought to our attention that her friend had been ‘run down’ by a truck driver while attempting to block the roadway again,” said Officer Jensen Rowlf, “But she was unaware of a traffic cam that caught their movements and it clearly shows Ms. Aromacks throwing Ms. Underbuss into the path of the semi. Of course it’s not legal for truckers to run over protesters, but there’s a big difference between a trucker intent on the harm of another and two misguided individuals attempting to ruin a person’s career and reputation.”

            As of now both Sage and Rosalie have been detained on charges of civil disobedience as well as malicious mischief, while the driver was allowed to move on and go about his business. Many protesters are being put on notice that truckers will not tolerate being intimidated, but it remains to be seen if anything will be done.

@WhippIttUp tweeted:

            Watch, we’re all gonna be livin’ in the Mad Max days eventually, with the rule of the road being shaved down to ‘just survive’.

@Jellataloll tweeted:

            Protester vs. Semi-truck…Man, that truck better be Optimus Prime in disguise since he’s about the only truck that would think twice before running over a protester.

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