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Seattle, WA

            Injustice, inequality, peaceful protests, and priority are the main goals of each movement that’s been seen throughout history. One might think that those seeking equality in any form would be willing to allow those that feel disenfranchised and abused to have their say. Unfortunately as it’s been witnessed in Seattle, Washington, many of these groups simply cannot agree on anything other than the idea that #AllLivesMatter and anyone white with an opinion contrary to their own is simply wrong. Black Lives Matter, Gay Pride, and several other smaller factions have been dominating the roadways in the Emerald City the last few days as they’ve attempted to one-up each other in an effort to get their respective messages out.

            “We each have something important to say,” said Black Lives Matter representative Alan Iman, “But the blacks are those that have been killed lately, have been persecuted lately, and have been forced to survive lately, so it is our turn to stand up and be noticed. I’ve seen no outbreak of trans or gay individuals that have been persecuted as we have, therefore they can sit down for a moment or stand up and be our allies. Anything else at this time is just noise.”

            Everything from BLM to Anti-Trumpers to Gays Against Hollywood have taken this opportunity to march through the streets of Seattle, hawking their message as much as they can and finding that the police are no longer barring them from protesting. Motorists however have taken to menacing those walking the roads and in some cases have nudged them aside. When threatened with violence however several motorists have either sped off or brandished weapons, causing the activists to disperse rather quickly as they continue to call upon the police.

@AnferKnee tweeted:

            Y’all wanna call the cops after treating them the way you do? Man you can shine on that and get ready for some wild west s*** after the way y’all been actin’. Yippee kai ay suckah.

@OldGrowth tweeted:

            See that? Let the little kids squabble and they’ll eventually be tearing at each other instead of anyone else. It’s like a fire that burns itself out since it doesn’t know which way to turn.

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