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Forest Grove, OR

            From an early age students are generally taught that teachers are there to care for them and educate them when their parents are at work or otherwise occupied in the attempt to create a safe and stable space for them at home. Unfortunately kids are not typically equipped to deal with the reality of a teacher turning their classroom into what amounts to a hostile environment. Desiree Alonzo, a 3rd grader at Joseph Gale Elementary, was recently the victim of public shaming when her teacher, Mrs. Ellen Dorostop, openly criticized a drawing that Desiree had done before tearing it into pieces.

            The drawing in question was of President Donald Trump and depicted the POTUS standing tall among his fellow Americans, who were represented by all colors as Desiree had added in many detailed characters ranging from black to Asian to white to various Hispanic-looking individuals. Unfortunately Mrs. Dorostop, who is a registered Democrat and a strongly-opinionated liberal, not only told Desiree that her picture was “wrong and misleading because Trump is a racist bigot” but ripped the picture into several pieces as Desiree stood crying tears of both anguish and, as it was discovered, anger.

            “According to witnesses in the classroom the verbal altercation began when Mrs. Dorostop decided to verbally express her opinion,” said Principal Lee Redykni, “Apparently Desiree decided to tell her teacher that her opinion was that the POTUS was a better man than she [Dorostop] thought. At that time the teacher then berated her student in front of the class and tore up the drawing. As of now Mrs. Dorostop is being evaluated, but it is expected that she will be suspended without pay for a certain period of time, as we do not and can not allow this type of behavior to occur in our school.”

            There’s been no word as of yet what will happen to Mrs. Dorostop, but many parents have made their distaste for her behavior known to the school board, and a few have even recommended her termination from the school.

@Apey34 tweeted:

            I know a lot of people are thinking that they’d go nuts on this teacher if this happened to their kid, and they’re right. I would too, you don’t do this to a kid that depends on you for guidance.

@DishItOut tweeted:

            Someone didn’t love her enough did they?

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