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Denver, CO

            All across the nation protests are still taking place in the name of George Floyd, who many are claiming would not wish such things to be happening in his name. In Denver, Colorado however one protest was easily condemned for their lack of compassion towards a young black male by the name of Christopher Jerman, who was born autistic and is easily disturbed by loud and unexpected noises. While many might question what Christopher was doing out with his mother, McKenzie Jerman, on that particular day she has explained that she had no sitter, Christopher’s father was at work, and there were errands that needed to be completed on that day without fail.

            “If I could have put them off another day I would have,” McKenzie explained, “And if I’d been watching the newscasts and social media I would have known that this was happening. But things have been so busy for us lately that I haven’t paid much attention to them. Chris had to go with me since we homeschool him and the regular sitter we use was down with the flu that day. Had I had any idea that this was going down I would have made a few calls and just stayed home I think. As it is the protesters got a piece of my mind once they realized just why my son was screaming.”

            While trying to walk into a grocery store where protesters were loudly decrying the store’s apparent racist views and practices, Christopher suddenly stopped and wouldn’t move as he began to scream while covering his ears. Knowing that her son was hypersensitive McKenzie attempted to pick him up and carry him inside where it would be quieter, but thankfully several of the protesters noticed the young man’s distress and quieted down for a brief moment, allowing McKenzie to make her way inside.

@JellinALot tweeted:

            Anyone who’s saying this mom is ridiculous for taking her son with her, step into her shoes and then talk. She was doing what she could and as best she could.

@HollaBack tweeted:

            Hope the kid was okay. I hear you little man, those protesters bother a lot of us, but thankfully your mom was there to protect you.

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