March in Georgetown promoting unity

Phoenix, AZ

            As an act of goodwill, commercial painter and political cartoonist Miles Deerton decided to paint a wall-sized mural on the front of his home denoting his take on the current social climate. The picture was that of several different people from various cultures and of different color and race engaged in what appears to be a pleasant discussion over a table laden with a multitude of different delicacies from several cultures. Many have been awestruck by the designs and the detail that Deerton has managed to capture within the painting, though not everyone has expressed as much delight. As it happens, Black Lives Matter representatives have informed Deerton, who is also a black man, having immigrated from Jamaica only five years back, that he would have to remove the mural or face serious legal repercussions.

            “They told me I couldn’t paint a mural on my home depicting all races living in harmony as it promotes racism,” a dumbstruck Deerton said in an interview, “They said that the mere presence of the white people on my mural proved that my loyalties to the black man and woman were muddied, that I didn’t know enough about the lack of privilege I had in this country. It doesn’t matter apparently that I am black, that my wife is black, that our children are black. It doesn’t matter apparently that I get along fine with my white neighbors and friends from other ethnic backgrounds since I don’t focus on where they come from. This is why I never joined up with BLM in the first place, they’re not for unity, they’re for revenge over a slight that happened a long time ago, and not to them. Those that lived through it knew well enough to move forward, not keep looking back.”

            At this time the mural still stands, but Deerton has had to call on police at least three times to keep the BLM movement off of his property.

            “I’m not going anywhere,” he’s stated defiantly, “I am a proud black man in America, and I’ll fight for my home, and always know that my friends have my back.”

@HollaBack tweeted:

            That’s right, that’s right! Real friends gotcha back no matter what color or race they are. BLM ain’t breaking nothing up!

@NoStoppin tweeted:

            Being Lazy Matters, Bored Lazy Meh, Bitchy LoudMouths, there are a lot of fun ways to accurately describe BLM…..

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