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Denver, CO

            Following the Rayshard Brooks shooting many police officers nationwide have been feeling pressure from the citizens that live within their precincts to perform in a certain manner. Partners Eric Vernon and Allie Gillam, a white man and a woman of color were on patrol on the streets of Denver just a day ago and responded to what was thought to be a routine domestic disturbance call. Unfortunately the call ended up being far more violent than either officer was expecting and before they could properly react a male person of color had appeared from around a corner and opened fire on them. Officer Gillam was struck twice and as a result was dropped to the floor, whereupon Officer Vernon responded in kind by firing several shots at the perpetrator, killing the man instantly.

            “We had no warning about this guy coming around the corner,” Officer Vernon said, “We were standing there in the doorway talking to the man’s wife, who was attempting to tell us that her call to the dispatcher was a mistake and that she didn’t need us. How she avoided being hit is simple, she ducked out of the way thankfully, but we weren’t ready for this. My first reaction upon seeing my fellow office drop was to cover her and draw my weapon. The distance was too great for a taser at that time, but I could see he was ready to open fire again and I didn’t have choice. As far as my job goes my union rep is trying to sort things out, but for now I’m on leave without pay for a wrongful death.”

            While the department can’t outright fire Officer Vernon for his actions he will have his fellow officer’s support as Officer Gillam did survive and is thankful to her partner for this, while many of his fellow officers, having seen the bodycam footage, will also be by his side. The family of the shooter are currently attempting to seek damages and legal action against Vernon, though nothing has materialized as of yet.

@ToTheHilt tweeted:

            So Rayshard was fighting with and tasing the cops and people thought that he was innocent. What’s this officer going to be charged with, defending a black woman and himself? Oh wait, they’re both cops, so her blackness doesn’t count I guess…..morons…..

@InnABitta tweeted:

            So if you’re white and you fire a gun at a POC you’re just wrong, right? If one of my white buddies ever had to defend me because I got shot I’d be telling him to give me the gun, I might just get off ‘cause I’m black…..see how messed up that is?

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