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Spokane, WA

            Only a week ago Harold Geeter, a local high school student and athlete went missing after he was last seen returning home from an overnight camping trip at Newman Lake. Friends stated that he was in good spirits and didn’t appear out of sorts when he headed home, though a couple of them admitted that he was acting a bit funny when he first arrived.

            “He was acting kind of jumpy at first, like he thought someone was following him,” said Randall Tarton, one of Harold’s best friends, “He calmed down after a while, but until then it was like he was scared that someone was going to find him or something. I didn’t say anything about it then since he started calming down eventually.”

            At this time there are no solid leads, but police have been looking into one individual in particular, Matthew Stimson, a Spokane resident whose daughter dated Harold before an altercation that nearly ended in a rape charge drew them apart. Harold beat the charges when it was determined that the act he committed wasn’t forcible rape under state law, but he was ordered to keep his distance from Maggie Stimson after the case was over. While there’s plenty of motive for Matthew to have taken part in Harold’s disappearance, his alibi has proven sound as he was in Vancouver, Washington with his family for an event at the time that Harold was last seen, and didn’t return until after he’d been reported missing.

            “I don’t like the kid and I certainly don’t want to see him again,” Matthew said in an interview, “But hopefully they’ll find him eventually.”

            At this time there has been no sign of Harold or his vehicle, a ’96 Jeep TJ, red in color, but police have sent out searches far and wide in an attempt to find him.

@CantGetNo tweeted:

            Dad might have motive and all, but he probably knows better than to get even with a punk kid that hurt his daughter. Karma’s a bitch, just sayin….

@Gellat0 tweeted:

            It might sound mean but it’s hard to get concerned over a kid that could get away with sexual assault of any type.

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