Facts In Short Supply As Rioters Push To Purge Orange Man Bad — NOT THE  PUBLIC BROADCASTER

Portland, OR

            During the recent riots one business decided to be proactive as their owners, Marvin Ellery and Clyde Drivelin, who are black and white respectively, decided to show a bit of solidarity for their community. Having heard that a protest was scheduled the two men gathered those employees that wished to work overtime at their grocery store and offered plates of cookies, pastries, and even several vegetable and sandwich trays, along with non-alcoholic drinks, to those that had decided to peacefully protest in the name of George Floyd. For those looking to riot and loot however they called in a favor to a local gun shop owner, who gladly put up several of his own employees as armed and anonymous guards that would watch over the grocery store and dissuade any would be protesters from becoming violent.

            “We wanted to make sure that people had their say,” Marvin stated, “Whether we agree with them or not isn’t an issue, we’re doing our best to stay neutral but still act like human beings. It’s a tragedy, what happened to Mr. Floyd and every other black person that’s been killed over the years, and my business partner and friend agrees with me one hundred percent. But while we won’t take sides we know what it means to be human and look out for each other, and we thought that we could foster a little goodwill among the people. Thankfully there haven’t been a lot of rioters that have come our way, but using our right to protect our people and our business we managed to dissuade anyone that tried to get rowdy in a big hurry.”

            Marvin and Clyde’s initiative has been taken up by other shop owners that have either sought to call in favors to protect their businesses or have taken to arming themselves and fortifying their businesses. Some have even taken the example of offering snacks and drinks when capable of doing so. For now, a little goodwill appears to have gone a long way.

@SeeMeSea tweeted:

            It sounds like they’re setting up a Costco snack aisle for the protesters. Good on them though.

@NoMoreTears tweeted:

            I don’t agree with the whole thing apart from prosecuting the cops to the fullest, but I’m all for the effort of being human to everyone.

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